The Week in Bullet Points {Week of Oct. 7, 2012)

* Sad week. My upstairs neighbors moved away. 😦

* I cried. They were like family to me. The way these on-post houses are set up, we practically lived together. I will miss my friend and her sweet family with all my heart, but I keep telling myself that this is NOT goodbye. It’s a small army, and there’s always eternity someday! 

* So then I hauled my 3 hungry munchkins to the grocery store, because we were completely out of food, and I ended up with the dang broken cart! There’s one at every grocery store, and I always get it. The front wheel just stopped moving in the middle of the parking lot!

* And broken grocery store carts are totally my biggest pet-peeve. So I was livid. Then this poor guy comes up behind me and goes, “Your cart’s broken,” and I completely flipped out on him. So he brought me a new cart. Now I feel bad.

* On the bright side, we went to the city one day and had a ton of fun at the gun show!

* Yes, we took the kids.

* We’re redneck like that.

* I can’t fit into my bridesmaid’s dress for my brother-in-law’s wedding IN TWO WEEKS! This is bad!

* That’s when I realized that I’m still eating like I’m pregnant, and it has to stop!

* I mean like, I’m a total health-nut (more on that someday.) And I’ve actually been exercising. (I know! Shocker!) But I don’t watch my calories AT ALL. And I can’t seem to kick the coffee habit. (You’d be addicted too if your toddlers got up at the bootie-crack of dawn every day.) …Also I’m the kind of person that likes “a little coffee with my cream-and-sugar,” which is bad. …Also The Hubs still acts like I’m pregnant and brings me home Twix bars all the time, and I have no self-control, so basically I eat like 2 Twix bars every day.

* So yea. At this point, my options are a) don’t eat for two weeks (impossible.) or b) get my dress altered (depressing.) Oh well.

* This is my 1.5-year-old daughter. She loves to pose. She’s a ham. Isn’t she cute?  🙂

* Did you watch the debate? Just wondered. I didn’t. But I thought I should put something in here that has to do with current events.

* Well, I’m sorry that my week-in-summary was such a downer. Hey, I’m just keeping it real. Some weeks just stink, let’s be honest. But hey, my kids are healthy, my husband is a hottie, God gave me another day, we got paid today, and Jesus is my Lord. We’ll call it a good week! Amen? 🙂

The Week in Bullet Points {Week of Sep 23, 2012}

  • Dude, I was SUPER productive this week!
  • I actually managed, among other things, to keep the house in relative order, cook healthy meals, fold laundry, see (adult) people, go to Bible study, exercise, (once. I think it was Tuesday.) AND, I even found the time to deep-clean my kitchen sink, Fly Lady style!
  • Let me tell you, the above is a BIG DEAL when you have “3 under 3” (and a dog,) and most of your day — seriously — revolves around food and poop.
  • …And when you’re not dealing with hungry little people and poop, you’re mostly trying to keep your two toddlers from a) turning into ill-mannered, uncivilized, uneducated hoodlums when they grow up, and b) biting each other.
  • So anyway, deep cleaning ANYTHING usually falls by the wayside.
  • What’s with all the chevron-striped EVERYTHING all over Pinterest?
  • It was in the high-90s and sunny all week. 90s people! In the Fall. I LOVE that about Oklahoma. 
  • DD #2 started rolling over on purpose.
  • She used to roll over by accident. And then she would lay there, perfectly content, with her face smashed into the rug, too lazy to bother turning her head (she takes after me,) and unsure how to turn back over once she was done smelling carpet. It was adorable. But now, equally adorable, she rolls around all over the place and lifts her head to look around at everything from the belly perspective, then rolls onto her back and grabs at her feet. She’s fascinated with her feet. …I love babies.
  • I totally got rid of Facebook. (You WHAT?!?!) Turns out, life without Facebook is pretty awesome. I know, I’m as surprised as anyone. I’ll let you know how it’s going some time in the future.
  • I’m re-living my tween years and reading “Anne of Green Gables” all over again. I’m loving it. It’s just as adorable and as well-written the second time around.
  • The Hubs comes home from work one evening, and I’m burned out from a long day. I say, “PLEASE take the kids for a while hon, I really need a break.” And I run and hide in the bedroom to try to get some peace and quiet. …Not two seconds later, my 3-year-old son walks into the room:

    Son: “Hey mommy, what are you doing?”
    Me: “Hey honey. I’m just hanging out back here for a while. You can go play. I really need a break.”
    Son: “Oh…I need a break too.”  Proceeds to climb into my lap.

    …Aaaaand that right there about sums up Motherhood. And my week.    

    But I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. 🙂