The Week in Bullet Points {Week of Oct. 7, 2012)

* Sad week. My upstairs neighbors moved away. 😦

* I cried. They were like family to me. The way these on-post houses are set up, we practically lived together. I will miss my friend and her sweet family with all my heart, but I keep telling myself that this is NOT goodbye. It’s a small army, and there’s always eternity someday! 

* So then I hauled my 3 hungry munchkins to the grocery store, because we were completely out of food, and I ended up with the dang broken cart! There’s one at every grocery store, and I always get it. The front wheel just stopped moving in the middle of the parking lot!

* And broken grocery store carts are totally my biggest pet-peeve. So I was livid. Then this poor guy comes up behind me and goes, “Your cart’s broken,” and I completely flipped out on him. So he brought me a new cart. Now I feel bad.

* On the bright side, we went to the city one day and had a ton of fun at the gun show!

* Yes, we took the kids.

* We’re redneck like that.

* I can’t fit into my bridesmaid’s dress for my brother-in-law’s wedding IN TWO WEEKS! This is bad!

* That’s when I realized that I’m still eating like I’m pregnant, and it has to stop!

* I mean like, I’m a total health-nut (more on that someday.) And I’ve actually been exercising. (I know! Shocker!) But I don’t watch my calories AT ALL. And I can’t seem to kick the coffee habit. (You’d be addicted too if your toddlers got up at the bootie-crack of dawn every day.) …Also I’m the kind of person that likes “a little coffee with my cream-and-sugar,” which is bad. …Also The Hubs still acts like I’m pregnant and brings me home Twix bars all the time, and I have no self-control, so basically I eat like 2 Twix bars every day.

* So yea. At this point, my options are a) don’t eat for two weeks (impossible.) or b) get my dress altered (depressing.) Oh well.

* This is my 1.5-year-old daughter. She loves to pose. She’s a ham. Isn’t she cute?  🙂

* Did you watch the debate? Just wondered. I didn’t. But I thought I should put something in here that has to do with current events.

* Well, I’m sorry that my week-in-summary was such a downer. Hey, I’m just keeping it real. Some weeks just stink, let’s be honest. But hey, my kids are healthy, my husband is a hottie, God gave me another day, we got paid today, and Jesus is my Lord. We’ll call it a good week! Amen? 🙂

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