I’m Officially a Soccer Mom…Minus the Soccer

We bought a minivan… 

It’s white. 

It has those doors that open automatically.

There’s a dvd player in the back for the kids.

Before long we’ll probably have one of those stick families pasted on the back window.  

…I’m loving it. 

In defense of our coolness, let me tell you the story: We were fully prepared for our next car to be some sort of SUV. That’s what all the cool people buy. I had already sworn I’d never be one of those moms that owns a minivan, before I had ever even met my husband or had kids. …Then we had the baby and realized SUVs are just cars that are higher off the ground. We learned from experience that a car or any car-like car is not what we want for the family vehicle. Turns out SUVs have the same number of seats as a car, and very little trunk space. When we travel, our kid has more stuff packed in the car than the two of us combined. You can’t avoid it — you gotta take a lot of stuff with you when you travel with a baby. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies family whenever we went anywhere. The poor baby was squashed in the back of the car with all of his stuff piled up around him. So you can imagine that the impending arrival of our second child got us thinking about a minivan. With a minivan, there’s enough space for two babies to sit behind the front seats, and there’s three more seats in the back for friends or family to hang with us! Or, we can fold the rear seat down into the floor and voila! mega trunk space for all of our junk. Awesome! We were sold, and I reneged on my vow against the minivan. 

Now we’re officially that couple from the Toyota minivan ad. 

You know, the ones who think they’re cooler than you but in all reality are total geeks: 

Let’s face it, we’ve been that couple for a long time now, minivan or no minivan. At least we’re emotionally healthy enough to look at ourselves objectively and admit it. Although I know you’re secretly jealous of our swagger. 

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 (NIV)

One thought on “I’m Officially a Soccer Mom…Minus the Soccer

  1. Sarah, you are too funny. You need to write a book (in your copious amounts of free time… haha). Seriously though. Hope all is well with you guys!!

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